Our solutions are based on SharePoint Online from Microsoft, making them ideal for and in your Office 365 IT environment. The solution includes tools for documenting procedures as well as tools for capturing and managing GDPR-related queries and dashboards for timely reporting and performance indicators.

OneGDPR365 Docu

  • Recording and documenting of all relevant processes for GDPR.
  • The documentation itself is workflow-driven and auditable. 
  • Click to get up-to-date reports and summaries of all processes relevant to GDPR at any time. 
  • Workflow-based collaboration between data protection officers and process managers.
  • ...

"GDPR-compliant process documentation"


  • Structured filing of all relevant documents for GDPR.
  • Documents can be stored in encrypted form using Digital Rights Management and easily retrieved using full-text search. 
  • Access to the structured filing can be efficiently secured via multifactor authentication (MFA).
  • ...

"GDPR-compliant data storage and protection of sensible data."

OneGDPR365 Incidents

  • Data protection officers and management see all GDPR incidents (deletion requests, requests for information etc.) up-to-date. 
  • Via the Incident Management Tool, new incidents can be registered centrally and forwarded automatically via workflow.
  • That way, you have all GDPR incidents completely under control.
  • Policies, rules and central incident management
  • ...

"GDPR-compliant reporting und data management"


OneGDPR365 Docu € 9.99 per month per user
OneGDPR365 DMS € 9.90 per month per user
OneGDPR365 Incidents € 9.99 per month per user
All modules in a package € 19.90 per month per user